Calling for Self Professed Adventurers

Let’s talk about adventures:

I have been watching many travel videos late at night, as one does when faced with the opportunity of procrastinating sleep “just 10 more minutes” in hopes of losing less time of their life, and end up reaching a similar conclusion each time. The beautiful scenery and and overhead shots make the places seem utterly unattainable and anywhere but HERE.

In light of taking some nature photographs of my own I have therefore concluded:

  1. I should definitely be going to bed many hours prior to my descent into travel videos.
  2. My desire to leave my hometown has just increased exponentially.

If you’d have asked me a year earlier though, I would have stopped the conversation at that. I wanted to leave, and there was no one in the world that was going to stop me. Today I realize I will genuinely be leaving by the end of summer, and it’s the most exciting event I have been faced with in a while, but I realize that not only will I be leaving, I will be going towards someplace/something else, which is eventually the more important part of leaving.

For now, though, here’s to nature: a place we should all visit more often.

An ecosystem in the miliscale – The Moss Forest.


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