My 5 Cats

Inspiration for this post: this song and my cats.

I like taking photos of people and animals because I feel like they are able to add a great amount of emotion into an otherwise pointless photograph. Sadly, not everyone is quite excited to be taken photos of so I generally don’t end up taking many photos of people. Luckily, though, I have five cats that are always ready to shine. I’m not saying it’s easy to take photos of cats considering they keep on running into the camera in search of cuddles, but it ends up working out… eventually. When it works out though, it’s always a good photo since cats are extremely photogenic.

Here are some of my personal examples.


1. Boo!


2. Meet Bambi the hungry kitten.



3. Remember the fresh fruit kittens? If you’d like to see my word of the day post about them click here.


4. Mom is not amused.


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