Forgetful: A Poem

I tend to forget

to tend my garden.


I can fret and sigh – guilty,

once again,

my life has gone awry.


That’s when I say,

perhaps I’ll remember tomorrow,

well- I am free all day.


I ask why,

Sunday morning,

I stress and I sigh.


I do tend to forget how the greens glimmer,

and the reds flare.

Me and my mess:

quite a perfect pair.


Here’s one of my photographs of pretty much what my messy garden looks like. Sadly, it’s blurrier than I would’ve liked but I didn’t notice at the time… A common mistake I discuss in an older post: Blurry Photography: Camera Focus vs. The Human Eye.

This post is related to today’s one-word prompt “Tend” which you can find here.


5 thoughts on “Forgetful: A Poem

  1. I guess its not at all a messy garden rather much more than a heaven. The poem was really deep and followed an awesome rhyme. And you know its a editing effect to make every thing in the back a little blurred focusing on the leaves as you did in you pic. Its great really great if it is natural because so u din’t need any effects.

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s a lovely interpretation. I know, it’s just that I thought the leaves were in focus but as a perfectionist I can’t help but notice that even the front isn’t fully in focus.

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  2. Just got back to posting here as well. My “garden” has gone untended for far too long. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and look forward to hearing more from you in the near future.


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