Forgetful: A Poem

I tend to forget

to tend my garden.


I can fret and sigh – guilty,

once again,

my life has gone awry.


That’s when I say,

perhaps I’ll remember tomorrow,

well- I am free all day.


I ask why,

Sunday morning,

I stress and I sigh.


I do tend to forget how the greens glimmer,

and the reds flare.

Me and my mess:

quite a perfect pair.


Here’s one of my photographs of pretty much what my messy garden looks like. Sadly, it’s blurrier than I would’ve liked but I didn’t notice at the time… A common mistake I discuss in an older post: Blurry Photography: Camera Focus vs. The Human Eye.

This post is related to today’s one-word prompt “Tend” which you can find here.


4 thoughts on “Forgetful: A Poem

  1. I guess its not at all a messy garden rather much more than a heaven. The poem was really deep and followed an awesome rhyme. And you know its a editing effect to make every thing in the back a little blurred focusing on the leaves as you did in you pic. Its great really great if it is natural because so u din’t need any effects.

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s a lovely interpretation. I know, it’s just that I thought the leaves were in focus but as a perfectionist I can’t help but notice that even the front isn’t fully in focus.

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