Why it’s hard to write about ourselves

I am currently applying to universities and my deadlines are coming up just as the new year is approaching: relatively quickly and silently. Having chosen programs that I’d love to be a part of, and Universities that seem too good to be true, here comes the dreaded motivation letter to ruin all the fun.

It’s stressful and time consuming but eventually we sit down, write it, edit it to our liking, and send it away to be evaluated. Generally, we’re answering a basic question “Why you?”, and that question is, well, terrifying.


“Why you?” asks us:

  • Why we’re worth considering as an applicant.
  • If, perhaps, we have something special to offer.
  • Wait, I’m just like everyone else… What do they want from me?
  • How am I supposed to apply to something that I think will make me “special” by already being special and knowing exactly what’s great about me?
  • I recycled that one time… granted my mom told me to do so.
  • Nope, nope, nope.

The thing is, though, the only thing we can do to achieve the most is be honest. Honesty is the best policy after all. We are all giving out different forms of motivation letters out every day, whether it’s through a first impression, a birthday gift, or asking someone to be our significant other. We’ve learned to accept those but why can’t we accept it written down?

Probably because we have the time to edit it.

Therefore, remember, (and I’m talking to myself too) tell them who you are and who you wish to be, don’t use the details from that fake account you made once in fifth grade because you thought it would be cool, and you’ll be just fine. After that, it’s all about ego.

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2 thoughts on “Why it’s hard to write about ourselves

  1. I remember having to write my personal statement for uni. It was super stressful. Honesty is so important though, uni just want you to sound passionate about learning and the subject not for you to exaggerate the truth to look good. Good luck with all your applications!

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