Warsaw 2017: Colorful Nights

This March (2017) I went to Warsaw, Poland. Looking at the trip as whole, a lot of fun was had. It was a trip I had no expectations for, and went into full heartedly. Sadly, my first impression was not so great. We were all tired from the travel (bus+plane) and just wanted to find a good place to eat. Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly) we couldn’t agree on where to eat. Can any group of people ever agree on where to eat? Therefore, tiredness mixed with hunger as well as my vegetarian self being met with a restaurant named “Sexy Duck” right next to the hotel, I wasn’t impressed.

We ended choosing a lovely restaurant which did make things a bit better, but nothing much else happened and we all ended up going to bed early(ish).

Here’s a photo from the second floor of the bar of place we chose: (Aesthetic!)


As the next day came by, I was still on the line on whether I liked the city or not, although I appreciated the experience it gave me of the Polish culture.

Then the night came, and I fell in love. You can see why:


It was so colorful! Unlike the cloudy days, which of course had interesting details but generally a dull feeling, the nights were as if one was entering a new world.

I definitely recommend visiting Warsaw. There’s tons to see and learn and it was a delightful experience, perfect for those who enjoy nighttime adventures.


I also ate subway for the first time! (I see why it’s so popular)

What’s a trip you’ve taken this year or plan on taking until the end of this year? Perhaps Poland?


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