Blurry Photography: Camera Focus vs. The Human Eye

I’m back, after a couple of weeks not posting… Oops. The reality of school and life as a balancing act has finally settled in. (University search post will follow, eventually.) Besides that, I’m here with a new topic that I personally struggle with as someone who has photography as a hobby and any actual photographer can have.

I like taking detailed photos of nature or small objects. To do that, I need to really figure out at what distance I should stand away from the object and how much to zoom in. To do this effectively, I prefer to look through the finder to get a sharp image. Sadly, I am only human and I can’t always get it right.


Here is a focused photo of a rose that I took. The lighting and background worked, I just wanted to be able to see more of the droplets in the photo. Therefore, I took some more. Now, mind you, this next photograph looked perfectly focused when I looked at it on my camera, but, to my dismay, when I uploaded it to my computer, I was presented with this:


I had finally gotten the angle right and a very nicely highlighted droplet but the focus is completely off.

When I had transferred the photos it was already too late to go take photographs again since the sun had gone down. The only way to somewhat prevent this that I know of is just to take many, many photos. Better luck next time for me, I suppose.


How often does this happen to you and do you have any tips on how to stop it? Perhaps certain pointers on an unfocused photograph that quickly give it away?



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