Blogger Recognition Award

Ok, seriously, this is so much fun. (Hi from me in the featured image!) I’ve been nominated by Saradiz, a lovely inventive blogger, for the blogger recognition award.  Her blog includes many great posts such as DIYs, reviews, tips, and of course, a very aesthetic blog! It’s so full of a variety of interesting things that […]

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Warsaw 2017: Colorful Nights

This March (2017) I went to Warsaw, Poland. Looking at the trip as whole, a lot of fun was had. It was a trip I had no expectations for, and went into full heartedly. Sadly, my first impression was not so great. We were all tired from the travel (bus+plane) and just wanted to find […]

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Water Photography

One day, I just thought: I’d really like to draw people that are partially underwater because I wanted to challenge myself into getting the intricate patterns that form underneath right. Therefore, I looked online, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I was frustrated but got the idea to make those photos of […]

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Barcelona Summer 2017

There are some trips we want to take, and then there are some we have to. The best, though, are those that combine the two. We should all work towards doing our best to combine them as often as we can. Here’s some photos I picked out from my trip to Barcelona, I hope you […]

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